20. St.Galler Airway Management Symposium 12. till 13. November 2021

Friday12. November

Foreign objects aspiration in children - vital information for the anaesthetist
M. Kleine-Brueggeney, Zürich CH
The pediatric airway in literature - important things and new aspects
M. Jöhr, Adligenswil CH
Airway management education in large clinics: University Hospital Zurich
B. Grande, Zürich CH
Case presentation
U. Pietsch, St. Gallen CH
Using imaging to predict airway difficulties
P. Schoettker, Lausanne CH
Preinduction airway ultrasound
M. Seltz Kristensen, Copenhagen DK
Thoracic ultrasound
F. Guarracino, Pisa IT
M. Jonsson Fagerlund, Stockholm SE

Saturday13. November

2021 Canadian airway recommendations: what's new?
A. Law, Halifax NS CND
Airway management bedside Tests - sense or nonsense?
D. Roth, Wien AT
Are bougies indispensible?
L. Theiler, Aarau CH
How to perform under stress
M. Stacey, Cardiff UK
How to get an airway paper published
M. Lüdi, Bern CH
Evone - ventilation via a drinking straw
D. Heisenberg, St.Gallen CH
Workshops Airway Management
Airway ultrasound
M. Seltz Kristensen, Copenhagen DK
Rigid scopes
L. Theiler, Aarau CH
F. Savaria, St.Gallen CH
F. Tuijl, St.Gallen CH
Jet respiration and ventrain
D. Heisenberg, St.Gallen CH
D. Kora, St. Gallen CH
Pediatric airway managment
M. Hölzle, Luzern CH
M. Kahlert-Fasciati, St.Gallen CH
Virtual intubation
P. Schoettker, Lausanne CH
G. Casso, Lugano CH
Fiberoptic intubation: tips and tricks
M. Gennoni, St.Gallen CH
Th. Heidegger, Grabs CH
Dilatational tracheotomy
S. Endermann, St.Gallen CH
U. Pietsch, St. Gallen CH
Th. Auf der Maur, Schwyz CH