23rd St.Gallen Airway Management Symposium, 15-16 November 2024

Dear colleagues

We are delighted to invite you to the 23rd St.Gallen Airway Management Symposium.

Effective and safe airway management is of absolute importance in anaesthesiology, as even minimal errors can have serious consequences for patients.

One challenge is that every patient brings along individual characteristics that may require an individualized approach. Standard protocols are important and of merit for regularly practised and established procedures, but are also sometimes no longer sufficient to cover the variety of possible clinical scenarios. It is therefore essential in anaesthesiology to look beyond the obvious and develop innovative solutions. Thinking «outside the box» means breaking through traditional thought patterns and exploring new ways of dealing with challenging situations. This requires not only sound clinical and technical understanding, but also creativity and flexibility. By relying on new technologies and interdisciplinary collaboration, we can continuously develop airway management and thereby further improve patient safety. The key to success lies in continuous learning. Only through constant and proactive development can we ensure that we always offer our patients the best possible care.

We are proud and delighted to welcome outstanding national and international experts as well as many enthusiastic clinicians to the 23rd St.Gallen Airway Management Symposium in 2024. Together we will share our enthusiasm for airway management and learn a lot from each other.


Prof Dr Markus Lüdi
Prof Dr Thomas Heidegger
Dr Daniel Heisenberg

Friday15. November

Pediatric Airway Management: A Decade of Lessons
A. Garcia-Marcinkiewicz, Philadelphia USA
Airway-related publications in the British Journal of Anaesthesia
J. G. Hardman, Nottingham UK
The current role of awake airway management
M. Parotto, Toronto CA
AI for Airway: Hype or Reality?
P. Schoettker, Lausanne CH
Should apneic oxygenation become standard of care?
Th. Riva, Bern CH
Airway Management Guidelines Update
C. S. Romero-Garcia, Valencia ES
Airway management in extreme situations
P. Paal, Salzburg AT
Modified RSI in adults
A. Jacomet, St.Gallen CH

Saturday16. November

Airway management and surgical techniques in cervical & thoracic airway surgery
G. Kocher, Bern CH
Strategic considerations in airway management from an ENT perspective
U. Borner, Bern CH
Airway management in Switzerland: results of an online-survey
S. Mackert, Luzern CH
Mitigating risks of pulmonary aspiration in anaesthesia – an «ultra sound» approach
S. Bättig, Zürich CH
Pre-hospital Airway Management; is it just about the tube?
U. Pietsch, St.Gallen CH
Safety in airway management - have we reached the maximum?
J. Koppenberg, Scuol CH
Do we need further studies about videolaryngoscopy?
K. Ruetzler, Cleveland USA
Workshops Airway Management
P. Schoettker, Lausanne CH
S. Meili, St.Gallen CH
F. Savaria, St.Gallen CH
Fiberoptische Intubation: Tipps und Tricks
A. Bischof, St.Gallen CH
Th. Ruckstuhl, St.Gallen CH
M. Hölzle, Luzern CH
M. Kahlert-Fasciati, St.Gallen CH
C. Gmür, Grabs CH
Jetbeatmung und Ventrain
D. Heisenberg, St.Gallen CH
D. Kora, St. Gallen CH
S. Bättig, Zürich CH
R. Meierhans, Winterthur CH
B. Spicher, Bern CH