18. St.Galler Airway Management Symposium 22. till 23. November 2019
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Friday22. November

13:00 - 13:10
Welcome and opening of the symposium
T. Schnider, St. Gallen CH
Who should be an airway expert
T. Heidegger, Grabs CH
Preclinical airway management - who and how?
Airway Management Education in Swiss Anaesthetic Centres: Universitätsspital Basel
M. Brunner, Basel CH
Case presentation
M. Jöhr, Adligenswil CH
Can we agree about what we are looking for in Airway Outcomes?
R. Cooper, Toronto CND
Rigid scopes
L. Theiler, Bern CH
Lung separation on children and teenagers
M. Hölzle, Luzern CH
Airway management using a laryngeal mask. Where does this path lead to?
H. Wulf, Marburg DE

Saturday23. November

Mask ventilation today
H. Sparr, Dornbirn A
Top airway publications of the two last years
K. El-Boghdadly, London GB
The way to individualized medicine is reached by standardisation
M. Filipovic, St. Gallen CH
T. Schnider, St. Gallen CH
Workshops Airway Managment
Ultrasound of the trachea
G. Gorsewski, Feldkirch AT
Rigid Scopes
L. Theiler, Bern CH
N. Glasson, St.Gallen CH
F. Savaria, St.Gallen CH
Jet ventilation and Ventrain
K. Gabi, St. Gallen CH
Dilatational tracheotomy
S. Endermann, St.Gallen CH
U. Pietsch, St. Gallen CH
Pediatric airway management
M. Oberhauser, St.Gallen CH
M. Hölzle, Luzern CH
Video laryngoscopy
R. Cooper, Toronto CND
Fibreoptic Intubation: Tips & Tricks
M. Gennoni, St.Gallen CH
T. Heidegger, Grabs CH